Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sorry to leave you hanging like that...

Gosh, sorry to leave The Triathlife hanging with such heavy news for a full week! It's been just a little bit busy with doctors appointments and tests, as well as the typical first of the year back-to-work chaos and home projects. Truth be told, the last two weeks have been quite the roller coaster, but what does Team Schmitty do upon receipt of tough news? Well, we swim, bike and run of course!

We've officially entered pre-season training and it's time to focus and get back to work building the engine for tri season 2013. After being sick with the 2012 Christmas Crud and then sorting through the medical stuff, my training has been anything but consistent since January 1. But the good news? I am FINALLY feeling 100% physically and ready to get back at it! I understand from Coach Liz that we're entering a strength phase and I have high hopes for the week ahead!

My 2013 is a little bit fuzzy right now, as I sort through timing for surgery #1 (which will take me out of training for about 2-4 weeks).  If all goes well with my tests over the next few weeks, the plan is to have surgery after we return from our Disney vacation in March. This would potentially get me back in time for the Race That's Good for Life 5k in late April, or at the very least I'd be back in time for the Tower Tri in May. I am not one for any shades of gray, so I'm very much looking forward to getting things squared away and registering for my races!

I will tell you, after just two short weeks since I learned my BRCA2+ status, my perspective on life has already changed....for the better. I am feeling so positive and grateful for every single day. And I look at my training through a new lens too. I need to keep my body strong and lean for the surgeries, as well as the side effects I will experience as a results of the surgeries. While I would still like to be competitive, there is now a much bigger goal for my training and racing. Life!



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