Friday, April 26, 2013

Help my bestie, Jesse Thomas

I may have mentioned before that triathlon wunderkind Jesse Thomas not only has the gorilla-sized mojo to wear aviator sunglasses while he races, but he is also my bestest bud and most favoritest male triathlete. Want proof?

See? Told ya;)

If being an uber-pro triathlete wasn't enough, Jesse is also co-founder of Picky Bars. What's a Picky Bar, you ask? It's a gluten free, dairy free, tasty bar for athletes, that's what -- wannafightaboutit? (I got your back Jesse)

What's more, Jesse and team are a cottage industry -- literally -- Jesse and his wife (pro runner Lauren Fleshman) and her bestie (pro runner Stephanie Rothstein) run the company out of Jesse and Lauren's family room.

And they need some help launching their new flavor - "Runners High." And they're using the capital-raising website Indiegogo to do so. Lots of contribution levels to choose from. If you want to help them out and get your hands on some good bars and equally excellent swag check out the site here.

-- HIM

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