Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Did you say beetroot juice or Bieber juice?

10:02 a.m.
On a Wednesday
Oak Park, IL

Last night The Triathlife attended a sport's nutrition clinic presented by Linda Samuels and hosted by the Salt Creek
Say "fitflop" five times fast.
Tri Club

Sports nutritionist earn the bulk of their keep by providing critical analysis for optimal hydration & nutrition levels for both pro and age group athletes alike. They also have their ear to the ground with regard to cutting edge clinical studies and the latest trends in the food science world. Last night The Triathlife learned of the anti-oxidant properties of cherry concentrate and the nitrate wonder that is beetroot juice. All very informative as The Triathlife household willingly engages in alternative food consumption...especially when it comes to the more natural-ish performance and recovery solutions found in Mother Nature's cupboard.

Full disclosure....the one nugget that had me most intrigued was that when taken in quantity, and in it's pure form, beetroot juice would turn Schmitty's pee red. Yes, please!

Schmitty is still waiting for some university to sponsor a study on the recovery benefits of a 1lb bag of Twizzlers.


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