Monday, May 27, 2013

On the road again...

Hello Triathlife friends! We hope you have all had a relaxing and fitness-filled Memorial Day weekend. Given that I have been on the road for work almost the entire month of May, this weekend was definitely a respite from some long days and stressful travel situations. Of course, I'm back on the road again tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm enjoying every minute of the time home with my guys.

Given that I've been on the road so much, getting in consistent training has been a challenge. I've been doing a pretty good job getting out of bed in the morning and getting SOMETHING in at the hotel gym, but it certainly hasn't been the volume that I need to be putting in at the beginning of the season. I've also been eating (so many dinners out!) and drinking (lots of wine at said dinners) entirely too much. So, a few goals for the travel week ahead:

1. Focus on getting in more nutrient dense foods, especially vegetables!
2. Cut the empty calories from alcohol by allowing myself a drink with dinner only two evenings during the week ahead
3. Get in a workout every single day between Tuesday and Friday

I also hit the road yesterday for my second long ride of the year. The weather has been less-than-stellar for bike riding in Chicago this spring, so my mileage is suffering big time. Case in point, I had to wear winter cycling gear for my ride yesterday:

I had such a great long run on Saturday....and I paid for it dearly on the bike yesterday. I was super tired and grumpy at the legs were pretty sore from the long run...and things just never got much better. We did try to find a ton of hills to ride, so that attributed to the slower pace, but really it was just not my day. I really fell apart at about 2:30 into the ride and just limped on home. It was only my second longer ride of the year and first big back-to-back long training days, so I know (hope!) it will get better. But still a little depressing.

After my week of travel ahead, I jump into another race next week! Let's hope the weather cooperates and figures out that summer is supposed to be here soon.

Happy Training!

-- HER

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