Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

What a difference a week makes
Last weekend we were pedaling our way around north McHenry County cursing the cold and the wind. This weekend our Triathlife cups were overflowing with glorious training and racing weather. Saturday morning Schmitty found his cycling mojo again on a 66 miler round parts of southwest Chigao-land - Lemont, Orchard Lake and Tinley Park.

A little cold to start but the sun soon took care of that. And the wind? Well, what wind? No wind make the wee man cyclist happy, happy. And after years of trying, I think I may have also found my nutritional groove (this year's race mantra -- no med tents, no IVs).

I failed last week on my promised shout out to Kevin, Jeff, Matt and Brian for getting up last Sunday before the roosters to ride with Team Schmitty. Kevin must've been running low on cycling karma with two flats and an off-set wheel. Kevin, may the cycling gods smile upon you once again.

You race like a girl!
Meant in the highest form of praise for all the women who rocked the streets of Naperville, IL yesterday for the Esprit de She Triathlon. Perhaps one of the more enjoyable and spirited races of the season since this event is a catalyst for reuniting old friends and by the end of the day it seems like every woman has made several more.

Pre-race photo opping
If you haven't seen my Facebook post, Team Schmitty had a big day as Jen PR'd this course on her way to a 10th place finish out of 220 in her age group. This is a big deal in the Triathlife house. Team Schmitty usually races "mullet style"...I am business in the front and Jen is all party in the back. But now, with two Ironman races notched in her belt, it would seem that Jen has traded her party hat for a brief case full of whoop ass. I have never seen her so proud and this makes Schmitty very happy.

The Triathlife would like to send a shout out to all the lady racers with special mention to Laura, Amy, Colinda, Megan, Jessica and Amanda. Special shout out to Jessica (first race back post accident, post surgery and post recovery just being cleared to swim a few weeks ago), Megan (first race back post baby), Laura (10th anniversary of her first triathlon) and Colinda (who provided private parking right close to the race site).

Lets be safe out there. 
Yesterday it was reported that pro Meredith Kessler was in a cycling accident early on the bike leg (racing Ironman 70.3 Eagleman) and was rushed to a hospital....she tweeted later no broken bones but she did suffer a concussion. The forums are reporting that it was a head on collision with another cyclist --  a male age grouper who took a corner too fast and too wide. And then the flood gates open and all the interwebbers waxed bravely from behind the safety of their keyboards. Naturally the cycling trolls on Slow Twitch are quick to judge that triathletes can't handle their bikes but most of the amateur triathletes who have spoken out are blaming the course and wave spacing as the issue. was a cyclist who was taking a corner too fast and too wide. This isn't a course issue. This is a people issue. My biggest concern whenever I am on my bike (training or racing) is other people - who aren't paying attention, lack consideration and just have no understanding of the laws of the road (written and unwritten). You can still race hard while racing cautious and smart.

This has been another installment of The Triathlife: The more you know;)

-- HIM

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