Sunday, February 9, 2014

What do Ironman training and the 2014 Winter Olympic opening ceremonies have in common?

Nothing. I just needed a timely title and couldn't think of anything else.

But speaking of the opening ceremonies....during that preamble video with the Cyrillic alphabet -- were you as disappointed as I was that 'y' wasn't for Yakov Smirnoff? Am I right? No? Just me? "What a country!"

So IMWI 2014 training began in earnest this week. 31 weeks (now 30). Can't believe it's officially here. I used November, December and January as time to train to get myself ready to train. Yup. Training to train. Thought I was ready. And I am but this week kicked me arse. Granted during the off-season while I was working hard I was consuming lots of rest and recovery. But the best thing that I did for myself again this year was to get strong.

Triathlon boot-camp/cross fit with Trainer Josh during the fall/winter seriously juiced my strength endurance. 600 reps of insanity written in blue dry erase marker makes little sense until that second hour spinning through threshold intervals on the trainer or on that 10th set of fast 50 meter repeats  on :10 rest in the pool (shut up arms!). Thanks Trainer Josh.

So week one is in the books. My first deposit. Bank it. Schmitty is tired. Getting used to two-a-days and 4:30am alarms. But Schmitty is also happy to be working again with Coach Keith and Coach Liz. Good cop, bad cop. Tony Robbins and Iron Mom.

30 more weeks. Tally ho!

-- HIM

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