Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Dreamed a Dream

Yes, I did...although I don't really care much for musicals. But I will go for the Twizzlers and the pre-show booze. Les Miserables? Not if I'm good and lit! Amiright?

Until recently, I can't honestly say I've ever had the triathlon race dream. You know, the dreams that are born from race anxiety or from being overly tired from training. No, almost all my dreams come from the more fanciful corners of my own neurosis. And then there are the oh so precious handful that are painfully derivative of the unresolved social issues from my formidable years. Ah-huh.....yuuup. But I digest.

Triathlon dreams.

Like I said...until recently. See, lately I've had these oddly recurring dreams where I need to swim...either needing to lap swim for training, or I need to show someone that I am actually able *to* swim. But just as I begin swimming the water turns into something else or it gets really, really shallow. Regardless, I keep trying to swim anyway. Like through grass. I know it's grass. I know you can't swim through grass. But I do it anyway. And I am actually relieved that at the very least the grass is long enough that I can pull myself through it. Or if the water is too shallow I still try to make it appear like I am really swimming - even though I would be better off standing and walking.

But last night....last night I was "racing" Ironman. Racing in the loosest of terms. More of an exhibition really. Tired of swimming? No worries. Come back and finish it later. Bored on your bike? Fine, go for a run. It was orderly chaos and everyone just accepted that this is what we were doing. The thing is...I don't remember how any of it started...my subconscious got Quentin Tarantino and went full on non-linear. I uncoiled the story as I went. My awareness began as I was finishing my bike, stopping to talk to Jen. And she appeared out of nowhere and we were out on the course. Not the bike finish. I was finished with the bike and just stopped where I was. But somehow I knew that I still had the last third of my swim to do. I didn't know the distance...I just knew it was "a third." And yes. I had to swim through grass -- seriously with the grass again - wth? Jen was setting her bike down to start running. She wasn't finished with the bike mind you, just the portion she wanted to do right then. But she had finished the swim. She told me that much. And that's when my alarm went off.

Weird, right? Put that in your pipe and smoke it Siggy.


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