Friday, June 1, 2012

Catching Up

Since it's been a while since I've posted (again), I thought the best way to get back to it is to quickly catch you up with a bunch of random stuff that's been going on with The Triathlife.  Sounds fun on this fabulous Friday, right?

1. I left you hanging on an achilles injury I was dealing with in early May.  After a couple weeks of ART (it's magic!) and wearing KT Tape (even to my niece's First Communion), I am good as new!  I'm staying on top of my stretching and looking for any signs of trouble.

2. I'm tired. IM training seems to be taking a toll earlier this year.  Is it because I am the big 4-0 now?

3. I got really sick after our trip back to Michigan for First Communion/Mother's Day.  What started as a simple cold, was complicated by allergies and then my asthma kicked in big time.  I'm now taking puffs of Advair on a daily basis to try to get it under control.  It's a steroid inhaler. Does that make me a doper?

4. My Iron puppy (Lance) turned 3 on Tuesday.  Since he's three he's really no longer a puppy, but he still has the energy of one!  Poor little guy is a trooper with all the Ironman training going on around here.  He's getting used to nights alone and looooong naps while we go off and ride for hours on the weekend.

5. I'm tired. 7 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it for me.  But for the life of me I can NOT figure out how to sneak in another hour or two.  Unless I start sleeping under my desk at work (Seinfeld, anyone?). 

6. Two of my early on Ironman cravings this year are caesar dressing and Twizzlers.  Slightly better than last year's craving of hot fudge sundaes.

7. Took my new bike out on a long ride for the first time last weekend.  It was AWESOME.  So comfortable and handled really well in the wind.  Loving it.  Pics to come soon, I promise (maybe once she puts her race wheels on!).

8. Our coach has us doing lots of swimming with t-shirts on for extra drag.  It's supposed to make us stronger.  I don't enjoy it.

9. This weekend has 2:05 of running on tap for Saturday (in the form of a "split run"=1:10 in the early morning and 55 minutes later in the afternoon) and 4:30 riding+25 min run on Sunday.  It will only get longer from here.

10. I'm tired.  That's all.

Have a good weekend!



Julie @ Swim, Bike, Running on Empty said...

You should convince your swim coach to just let you wear tights. We used to have to do that when we shaved our legs twice a year - glamorous, right? - but it certainly did create drag. And you could still SWIM. To me, swimming in a t-shirt means you are losing form and spending more energy on not freaking out over a huge shirt in the water. But I could be wrong :) Can't wait to see pics of the bike!

J2 said...

Julie - we are an equal opportunity leg shavers in the triathlife household. And in season our razor of choice is the Gillette Venus;)

You make a good point about the shirt and form however I believe coach wants us to learn to maintain form and strengthen shoulders to prep for those of us who will be using a full sleeve wetsuit. A game changer for most if you haven't been training for it.


J2 said...

And since I have a sleeveless wetsuit I should be exempt from this exercise. :)